Future Spaces: Houses for Rent in Winona, Minnesota. | SAFE: We take pride in our clean, safe, student friendly properties. | PRIVATE: All of our bedrooms have separate secure locks.


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“You are by far the best landlord we have ever had”

From the guys in Apt B

We just wanted to say thank you. You were an amazing landlord for the past few years. We really enjoyed being your tenants and couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thanks for everything!”

From the girls in Apt A

Thank you for being Kim’s Landlord. Her dad & I appreciate how caring & understanding you are to the girls.”

Mary G.

“Just wanted to say thank you for being a great landlord. By far the best landlord I’ve had during my time in Winona.”

Andy H.

“Thank you for being so patient with… making our stay with you so easy and comfortable, and just being an overall awesome landlord.”


“Thank you guys for a great year, you guys have been by far the best experience with a landlord I’ve had in my 4 years in Winona.”

Andrew C.

“Winona Place Rental made it very easy to rent from them. Whenever something was broken it was taken care of quickly, policies and rent were fair, and the properties were taken care of well.”

Sarah S.

“Thank you very much! I really loved the house this past year.”

Madeline M

“I hope all your move-ins went smoothly. I know I sure miss the apartment I was in. I have to tell you that you two are the best landlords I’ve had and I appreciated the clean, comfortable, and safe apartment you provided. I don’t mean to brown nose either – I will highly recommend your properties to anyone! Thanks again.”
Best, Hannah