Winona Place: Houses for Rent in Winona, Minnesota. | SAFE: We take pride in our clean, safe, student friendly properties. | PRIVATE: All of our bedrooms have separate secure locks.

Maintenance Request

(608) 687-6600

Non Emergency Problems

If you experience any of these problems please call Steve during day time hours.

  • Light switch appears to be malfunctioning
  • Squeaky door hinges
  • Cracked sidewalk
  • Snoring roommate

Emergency Problems! 507-450-7952

If you experience any of these problems please contact us immediately for assistance or leave us a number where we can reach you.

  • Loss of heat
  • Loss of electricity
  • Leaking or continuous water flow from faucets, toilet or anywhere there is not supposed to be water

Our Maintenance Team:

  • Gile Gibbons – ALL Maintenance 507-450-7952
  • Steve Scharlau – General Maintenance 608-687-6600

Important Phone Numbers:

Cable TV & Internet:

  • HBC: 507-474-9995

Gas & Electric :

  • XCEL ENERGY: 800-895-4999
  • Elec. EMERGENCY: 800-895-1999
  • Gas EMERGENCY: 911 or 800-895-2999

Telephone Service:

  • HBC: (507) 474-4000


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