Future Spaces: Houses for Rent in Winona, Minnesota. | SAFE: We take pride in our clean, safe, student friendly properties. | PRIVATE: All of our bedrooms have separate secure locks.


Is Smoking Allowed?
All properties are smoke-free.

Are Pets Allowed?
We do not allow pets.

What happens if I’m late with my rent?
Rent is due on the 1st of the month.  We allow a 6 day grace period so you are not penalized for mail delays etc. We believe in our tenants and work with them when outstanding circumstance strikes. What we ask in return is that you communicate with us & make a plan…this is just one of the reasons we stand out among the landlords in Winona. Ask our tenants, they will undoubtedly tell you that the landlord-tenant relationship is key to enjoying your Future Spaces. We feel privileged to have gotten to know so many fine people that enjoy our houses.

How do I pay my rent?
Rent payments are collected on the 1st of the month. We try to accommodate whatever is convenient for our tenants. While most like to simply mail or drop off a check some prefer cash with a receipt.  Our address & contact information can be found under the “contact us” tab.

How secure is my house?
We utilize a highly respected local Locksmith “Tom’s Lock Service” to custom key every exterior door with a heavy duty deadbolt. Every bedroom has a unique key that allows you, and only you, to access your bedroom. The SAME key (if not a key-less entry) will open the house entry doors. So you only need one key! Smart & efficient…just one more reason to consider us for your Future Spaces.

Can I expect balanced heating & cooling?
At Future Spaces you can expect first-rate, high-efficiency, sealed combustion, natural gas equipment. Many of our homes have programmable thermostats. All of our homes have air-conditioning. Even differences among roommates preferences can be accommodated with custom duct work dampers and register adjustment. We aim to please.

Do I pay for someone else’s open window?
We believe that tenants themselves are best able to conserve their own energy resources, therefore, all of our properties have separate meters so you only pay for what you use. Some properties that have common heating systems for an entire building don’t allow you to control the temperature (or the energy costs). Common heating systems are not always balanced for comfort and the rooms can be uncomfortable when one room is hot and another is freezing cold. At our Future Spaces homes, you have control of the thermostat. You have control of the energy costs and your comfort.

What about maintenance?
As a dedicated landlord in this business since 2003, we take the time to take care of you. The owner’s residence is within 20 minutes drive from every property. We make an effort to educate our tenants on emergency situations that we will respond to day or night (anytime)  We take pride in “communication” and making your Future Spaces a comfortable place. We are always just a phone call (text or email) away.

What can I expect at move-in?
We have a system of very detailed specifications to ensure that we provide a standard of quality second to none. We work extremely hard to present you with a home that is clean, safe and student-friendly. We do our best to accommodate students that want to stay “past the end of the lease” while at the same time we do our best to accommodate groups that want to move-in before the start of the lease. If a situation requires follow-up maintenance to fix something that was only discovered after the move-out, or that was slated for upgrade, you will be fully informed of this and we’ll do whatever it takes to work around your needs to get things taken care of in a timely manner.